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Briggs Investigations Group

...Legal, Honest & Morally Right

Female owned and operated


Female Owned & Operated / Civil & Domestic Investigations

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High quality 2592*1944 images and 1080P videos can be recorded both directly from the device and remotely through Wi-Fi connection. Once the material is recorded it can be quickly downloaded and reviewed on your cell phone or tablet.

The vibration alert with LED indicators shows the current status of the device, and makes it easy to setup and operate.

PV-RC200HDW Main Features:

Full HD 1080P video and audio recorder

5MP CMOS sensor for still images

Modern design, heavy with good key fob feel

Automatic off mode when SD card is removed prevents battery drainage

Energy efficient, up to 160 min of use at 1080P (recording only)

New!! Wi-Fi connection for remote monitoring and downloading and device control

New!! Easy remote time/stamp and firmware setup